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Spectrum News is dedicated to providing local news and information that’s important to you. Our goal is to be compelling, accurate and balanced. We welcome and appreciate your input.

Spectrum News
200 Centreport Drive
Suite 250
Greensboro, NC 27410
Phone: (336) 856-9497
Toll-Free: (866) 907-9497

Spectrum News studios are located on Centreport Drive in Greensboro. Map to Spectrum News.


News Tips and Stories

Send your press releases and news tips with contact name and phone number to:

FAX: (336) 662-0082
Phone: (336) 856-9497 or toll free, (866) 907-9497
E-mail: triadnews@charter.com



To register your organization in our closing system, click here.



Neighborhood Calendar

Send your neighborhood calendar events with a telephone number for on-screen display.


To send us your calendar event, fill out our online form. You must fill out this form for your posting to be online.

For questions about our calendar, e-mail:nccalendar@charter.com

Note: For on-air consideration, you must submit your event at least four (4) weeks in advance.


Viewer Comments

Send television viewer comments to: ncfeedback@charter.com




Send website comments to: ncdigital@charter.com



Advertising Sales

E-Mail: ncsales@charter.com

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