ORLANDO, Fla. — Seven candidates have qualified for next month’s District 5 special election to fill suspended Commissioner Regina Hill’s seat.

Tuesday was the last day for them to qualify.

The official candidates who met the filing deadline are Travaris McCurdy, Cameron Hope, Shan Rose, Lawanna Gelzer, Ericka Dunlap, Tiakeysha Ellison and Miles Mulrain.

Voters will cast their ballots on May 21.

Each candidate was asked a series of questions in writing, and had the opportunity to answer in their own words.

  1. Why are you running? If elected, what would be your top goals as city commissioner?
  2. Downtown Orlando was recently impacted by the law that bans public sleeping. How can District 5 meet the needs that arise as a result of the law’s passage?
  3. What is your view on the current state of safety in the downtown area? What would you do to address safety concerns downtown during peak bar/restaurant hours?
  4. Amid those downtown safety concerns, there have been several new initiatives to make the culture and business makeup of downtown more family friendly. How do you balance this new vision for downtown while continuing to support existing downtown businesses?
  5. There are a number of affordable housing developments in District 5, but there is still a great need for more affordable housing. What ideas do you have to help those in need of an affordable, sustainable place to live despite options that are seemingly already there?
  6. While making way for many new businesses in Creative Village, some long-time residents have expressed concerns that historic Parramore has been erased. What will you do to ensure that the history remains intact and that Parramore proper is not forgotten?
  7. District 5 will be home to a new $500 million entertainment complex across from the Kia Center, which will include a hotel, retail space, housing, and parking, scheduled to open in 2027. How do you ensure this doesn’t just drive tourism, but also has a positive impact on other businesses and the residents of District 5?
  8. How would you eliminate the food desert in District 5 and bring nutritious options to residents?
  9. How would you change the perception of the Parramore community when it comes to crime?
  10. We often talk about engaging youth in the community in an effort to address crime. What is your plan to engage parents? Will you include them in any initiatives to making the community safer for youth in the area?
  11. You have two areas in District 5, the Orlando Gasification Plant and Griffin Park Homes, that were subject to pollution and air quality concerns. What are your plans to clean up District 5?
  12. What would you do to increase accessibility to parks and other recreational activities for youth?
  13. If suspended Commissioner Regina Hill is reinstated, do you plan to run against her when the seat is up for reelection in 2025?

The candidates' answers are as follows:


Travaris McCurdy:


Cameron Hope:


Shaniqua “Shan” Rose:


Lawanna Gelzer:


Ericka Dunlap:

Ericka Dunlap did not submit answers to the questionaire


Tiakeysha Ellison:


Miles Mulrain Jr.: