ORLANDO, Fla. — MagicBand+, a new interactive wristband, has officially debuted at Walt Disney World.

What You Need To Know

  • Disney's new interactive MagicBand+ is now for sale

  • Company officials say that old bands will still work with park entry

  • The new MagicBand+ has features like special lights, and gesture recognition that allow guests to interact with certain areas in the parks

The hands-free device is an updated version of Disney’s original MagicBand, which was first introduced at the resort in 2013. Like the previous band, the new version can be used at the touchpoints for park entry, at the touchpoints to check in at Lightning Lane entrances, for linking pictures to PhotoPass, or as a room key at resort hotels.

But it also comes will a few new features, including color-changing lights, haptic vibrations and gesture recognition — all of which allow visitors to interact with things around the parks.

How do I use MagicBand+?

As previously mentioned, MagicBand+ has the same capabilities as the old MagicBand. However, to fully unlock its features, it will require a little setup.

Once you purchase the MagicBand+ (and take it out of the box), you’ll need to link it to your account in the My Disney Experience app. (Make sure you have the latest version of the app).

After linking the device to your account and pairing the device via Bluetooth, you’ll then be able to customize your MagicBand+ settings, including the light up color theme, brightness and vibration.

How does MagicBand+ interact around the parks?

One of the new features with MagicBand+ is its ability to interact with elements around the parks. For example, the wristband will light up and vibrate with the nighttime spectaculars at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. It will also light up with the park icons, which come to life at night as Beacons of Magic for Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Visitors can also use the device to take part in interactive scavenger hunts. The first involves the golden Fab 50 statues located in all four parks. To trigger an effect with the statues, you will need to wave your hand in front of them. You can keep track of which statues you find in the Play Disney Parks app as part of the Disney Fab 50 Quest.

Another interactive scavenger hunt available with MagicBand+ is Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters, which is also in the Play Disney Parks app.

With the game you can collect targets throughout Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. You’ll need to first visit the bounty board to be assigned a job. As you search for the target, the MagicBand+ will light up and vibrate. Green means you’re getting closer, while red means you’re going in the wrong direction. Once you’ve located the target, the device will turn purple.

Is MagicBand+ rechargeable?

Yes. A 6-inch USB charging cable is included in the box when you purchase a MagicBand+. The cable clips onto the back of the wristband when charging.

According to Disney, the battery in the device will last between one and three days. It’s recommended you charge the device completely before using it for the first time.

Where can I buy MagicBand+ and how much does it cost?

MagicBand+ can be purchased at stores across the Walt Disney World Resort, including all four theme parks, Disney Springs and resort hotels. Prices start at $34.99, depending on the design. They can also be purchased online at shopdisney.com.

Will previous versions of MagicBand still work?

The short answer is yes. If you don’t want to purchase MagicBand+, the MagicBand you already have will still work.


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