BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Two people were killed near the same spot on State Road A1A south of Melbourne Beach in Brevard County last month, and the Florida Department of Transportation indicated it is discussing ways to prevent future accidents.

What You Need To Know

  • Two people killed on State Road A1A in January

  • Laura Dowling-Roy says it’s dangerous to drive and walk on A1A

  • The Florida Department of Transportation is proposing crosswalk improvements

  • FDOT is also studying no-passing zones on A1A

“There were two accidents right here (near Hidden Cove Drive) — one was a bicyclist, one was a pedestrian,” said Brevard County resident Laura Dowling-Roy. “So if we put a caution, like, I think that would be helpful.”

Drivers are going too fast and not using caution on this two-lane stretch of highway that takes drivers from Melbourne Beach to the Indian River County line, according to Dowling-Roy, a real estate agent in the Melbourne Beach area who travels A1A often.

Another problem is a passing zone, just north of the two deadly crashes, she said.

“I say make this double-yellow, no passing here, because the folks just go very fast and think they’re going to beat the system,” Dowling-Roy said.

The area has been a focal point of the state for some time.

An FDOT pedestrian safety study in October 2021 looked at beach access locations, and just before the New Year installed warning signs alerting drivers of pedestrians at Hidden Cove Drive and Sea Dunes Drive.

FDOT has also proposed enhanced lighting and pedestrian hybrid beacons — a sort of crosswalk and traffic signal with lights to stop drivers.

Finally, FDOT also has a study, set to be completed this summer, that is looking at speed limits and no-passing zones from just north of the Indian River County line to the Bonsteel Park area, and from Turtle Bay Place to Juan Ponce de Leon Landing.

“We have all this preserve area, so everybody wants to be here and bicycle and walk trails, but it just is so dangerous,” Dowling-Roy said.

She said she hopes these studies and proposals will lead to change, because right now it’s not safe, whether you’re walking to the beach or just trying to do a job.

“I want to be able to pull off and show a house without getting rear-ended,” she said.

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