ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida’s Democratic leaders are gathering for a three-day conference at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, focused on unifying and strengthening Florida’s Democratic Party.

What You Need To Know

  • Florida Democratic Party leaders are meeting in Orlando for 3 days

  • The goal of the conference is to strengthen and unify the party

  • The party needs to make clear that it welcomes everyone, its state vice chair says

  • A prayer breakfast will focus on multiple cultures and faiths

Part of that process includes training sessions on how to campaign effectively.

Democrats know Florida is a must-win state, after losing the 2020 presidential election by 3.3%, and say they’re ready to take on that challenge.

Florida Democratic Party Vice Chair the Rev. Dr. Karen Green, one of the attendees, said her role within politics is driven by her past — as a Jamaican immigrant, woman of faith, and cancer survivor who lives the meanings of struggle, strength and success.

“We want to make sure anyone who has moved here to Florida feels welcome within the Democratic Party," Green said.

The Florida Democratic Party seeks to ensure that residents understand it is a party that welcomes everyone, Green said. She pointed to the fact that South Florida's Hispanic and Latino communities helped former President Donald Trump win the state in 2020 as an example.

“Are we now reintegrating and re-engaging? Yes, we are," Green said.

As Green waited in line to be tested for COVID-19, a requirement for all Florida Democratic Party Leadership Blue 2021 conference participants, she shared what first connected her with the Democratic Party.

“It was an immigrant story that drove me here in the first place,” she said. “It was the democratic values of freedom and inclusion that has me engaged."

The conference is historic as it will include the organization's first prayer breakfast that will focus on an array of cultures and faiths. Green organized and will lead a portion of that event.