DADE CITY, Fla. — What better way to spend a Florida Fall afternoon than on the farm, but not just any farm, this Dade City staple is one is dedicated to a specific pack of animals.

What You Need To Know

  • Sweet Blossom Farm has 15 acres

  • It is home to more than 60 of the “fun-loving creatures”

In the early morning hours, before the Florida sun warms up the grounds, Debbie Pettis likes to look out over the land. Mostly though, she likes to check in on the fun-loving creatures that call her 15-acre farm home. 

“Tulla just came running over here to see what we're doing," Pettis said as she scooped from a bucket of food on one of the numerous fences. 

Pettis and her husband own Sweet Blossom Farm. It is home to their pack of alpacas and more than  60 of them call this expansive farm home. It's a dream Pettis and her family saw come to life in her retirement 13 years ago. 

“They're just a very unique animal and full of personality and they all have different personalities but they are extremely intelligent animals," Pettis said. 

Reading articles in magazines and local newspapers on what lovely animals alpacas are to raise, Pettis decided to bring up a few of her own. That later turned into dozens and eventually led to a business. They now breed and sell alpacas all over the state to those who want to learn to raise them. 

Now over a decade later they're still going strong, creating an oasis for these intriguing creatures. They even have a small shop on-site in the barn where you can check out hand-crafted clothing, trinkets, and dolls all made from the soft fur of alpacas. 

If you have the pleasure of making it out for a day on the farm you'll be sure to share a laugh with Pettis and get to know her pack here on Sweet Blossom farm. 

Sweet Blossom Alpaca Farm currently holds tours one weekend each month. The next weekend open for public tours is Halloween weekend. For the most up-to-date schedule on their monthly tours please check out its Facebook page.