ORLANDO, Fla. – Universal Orlando will require all of its employees—known as team members—to share with the company whether they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

What You Need To Know

  • Universal Orlando is "urging" employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19

  • The resort will require employees to share their vaccination status with the company

  • Last month, Disney announced it would require salaried and nonunion hourly employees to get vaccinated

An email was sent out to employees this week notifying them of the new policy.

“We have carefully considered this policy and believe it is the right next step for us,” the email said. “Some of you may already be doing this based on local requirements. We know you will have questions about this new policy; we will be sharing more information with you soon.”

Universal, however, is not requiring employees to get the vaccine only urging them to so.

“We are urging all of our team members to be vaccinated, if they are able to do so,” Universal Orlando spokesman Tom Schroder said in an email to Spectrum News. “And we have let our team members know we will require them to share their vaccination status with us. This will allow us to better ensure adherence with our strict health and safety protocols.”

Universal hasn't said what the process will be for employees to disclose their vaccination status or whether there will be consequences if they don't. 

The policy update comes weeks after The Walt Disney Company announced that it would require thousands of its salaried and nonunion hourly workers at U.S.-based sites such as Disney World and Disneyland to get the vaccine. The company is currently in negotiations with the unions that represent its workers about the mandate.


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