SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — Crossing the street is concerning for a viewer in Longwood who has been hit while riding her bike in the past.

What You Need To Know

  • Betty Coale says it’s difficult to cross State Road 434 at U.S. 17/92 while on her bike

  • There have been nine pedestrian/cyclists crashes in this area in six years

  • Bike/Walk Central Florida recommends a Leading Pedestrian Interval

  • FDOT will review the intersection

Betty Coale give up her car a decade ago, relying solely on bikes.

“I just got tired of having a car,” Coale said.

But Coale says it’s challenging to cross on her bike at State Road 434 and U.S. 17/92.

“I go south into Casselberry and I usually get stuck waiting here for at least 20 minutes,” she told Spectrum News 13.

Even when the "walk" sign illuminates, Coale still cannot cross.

“The problem is (drivers) won’t let you go,” she said. “They’re going to turn right on red and nothing stops them from doing that.”

Drivers who are not paying attention to Coale or the crosswalk signal will turn in front of her, she said.

She had to have her whole elbow rebuilt after she was hit by a truck nearby three years ago.

“A truck got a hold of me, spun me around, tossed me backwards and left the scene,” Coale remembered.

She does not want a repeat of that, so she waits for drivers to notice her.

“If it’s 5 o’clock, forget it, sit there and take a nap,” she said.

In the past six years, there have been five crashes involving pedestrians or cyclists crossing in this intersection. Four more crashes were reported outside of the crosswalk.

Bike/Walk Central Florida has studied that intersection and recommends a Leading Pedestrian Interval, which gives walkers and bikers time to cross in the crosswalk before drivers are allowed to turn.

FDOT stated it is going to conduct a comprehensive review of the intersection.

“I think a lead for the cyclists and pedestrians would be a really good thing,” Coale said.

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