ST. CLOUD, Fla. — Daniel Class can be heard all around Mississippi Avenue and 5th Street in St. Cloud, giving street concerts. And he's only 9 years old.

What You Need To Know

  • Daniel Class, 9, has been been playing piano for his neighbors

  • Class said his goal was to brighten neighbors' days during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • The community has banded together to support Class and his piano-playing skill

He's been learning to play for the past two years.

“I started by listening to piano music like Mozart,” Class said.  

Class thought he would share his talent with the world — or at least his neighborhood — to brighten their days during these very dark times.

“Well, COVID is here, and it's not very fun," he said. "You can't hug people, you have to wear masks everywhere."

This St. Cloud boy is playing free songs to anyone who will stop and listen. He’s got one task in mind: to make people smile.

“(It’s) kind of like my job for right now,” Class said.

Needless to say, it's the best form of payment. 

The community recently donated signs and upgraded Class's musical equipment for his ongoing street concerts.