ORLANDO, Fla. — A larger than life walk-through experience at the Orlando Museum of Art exposes the issues and realities of 2020.

Here’s five things you need to know:

1) JEFRË: Points of Connection is the public artist's first solo museum exhibition featuring highly Instagram-able huge multimedia sculptures and installations. Jefrë Manuel is known for experimenting with new materials and technologies to activate public spaces in ways that bring people together.

2) The Orlando Museum of Art's curator, Hansen Mulford, said he gave Jefrë free range in six galleries in the museum.

3) Jefrë is second generation Filipino American. “In 2008, I had a heart attack in Miami,” he said, explaining how this episode continues to influence his art. One of his spaces illustrates the 57,000 pills he has been prescribed to take since. “It sort of shows everyone that, not only me, but what a lot of us are putting in our body.”

4) Soundscapes for the exhibition are provided by Grammy award-winning artist Ayo The Producer.

5) JEFRË: Points of Connection runs through January 3 at the OMA.