ALLIGATOR POINT, Fla. — Nestor made landfall at St. Vincent Island in Franklin County Saturday. Not far away in Alligator Point, residents are dealing with a road that washed away.

According to officials, early Saturday morning Alligator Drive was hit hard by storm surge, causing a washout.

For people on the other side of the road, there is no other way in or out. There is only one way in and one way out of town in Alligator Point.

“Right now they are stuck," said Franklin County Commissioner Bert Boldt. "We are here on site to make sure they will be OK, and all will go well for them. But they were asked to evacuate and it did exactly as we thought. So we are here with emergency people and any help we can be for them."

This is about a 1,250-foot long and 20-foot wide area that needs to be repaired.

According to local leaders they hope to have the road function some time Sunday, with some kind of path for residents to drive in and out.