KISSIMMEE, Fla. — As hundreds of thousands of protesters in Puerto Rico march in protest demanding that Gov. Ricardo Rosselló step down, their voices are being heard and mirrored here in Central Florida, as well.

A demonstration took place in front of the Three Sisters Speakeasy restaurant in downtown Kissimmee. Area residents with ties to the island have come together in a grassroots movement called “Ricky Renuncia,” which means “Ricky Resign” in Spanish.

Many of the people protesting in Central Florida have concerns about their family and friends on the island. Aimee Sundora is one of them.

“From every part of the world, Puerto Ricans are protesting. Because that’s what we need to do. We’re done with that, with the abuse,” Sundora said.

Carlos Guzman, president of the Puerto Rican Leadership Council, said these protests are not just about the governor resigning, but they’re also shedding light on other problems within the island.

“We have to educate the people about the corruption, money and politics … friendship and being able to help each other in the government when it comes to contracts … that’s not good,” Guzman said. “We have to educate the community about those issues."

Sundora’s sister-in-law, Patricia Colon, also questions the government and worries about what will happen next.

“Puerto Rico is stuck. Everything is stuck, we don't trust in anybody right now. They are using money in a bad way, so what’s going to happen?” said Sundora.

Sundora can't help but think of her three children and her family on the island in the midst of the firestorm. She hopes Rosselló will leave office soon.

“It's not political stuff, religion stuff, or who has more money or not,” she said. “Everyone is outside fighting for what Puerto Rico deserves.”