Daytona Beach Shores, Fla. -- On June 4, Laurel Rogers would have celebrated her 37th birthday.

  • Lauretta Rogers is still searching for her daughter
  • Laurel Rogers went missing Feb. 1, 2010
  • A $30,000 reward for information about Laurel's disappearance

Instead, her family went to Daytona Beach Shores to celebrate without her.

"If we don't do this then who's going to? And how will they know she's still missing?" said Lauretta Rogers, Laurel's mother.

Laurel Rogers went missing Febj. 1, 2010. That night she went out to dinner with friends, returned to her mother's Port Orange home and then went out again.

Neither Lauretta Rodgers nor the police know who Laurel went out with or what happened to her.

"We don't know who she was with," Lauretta Rogers said. "The next morning she wasn't home, and from then on we've never seen her again."

Although the case is still open, Lauretta Rogers says her daughter's disappearance is still a mystery. The family hopes that Laurel's old friends will come forward with information about her disappearance.

"Nobody is coming forward and it's time to come forward," Lauretta Rogers said. "Eight years? Your conscience has to be working on you. Just bring Laurel home."

There's a $30,000 reward for anyone with more information on Laurel Roger's disappearance. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Port Orange Police Department.