It is Child Passenger Safety Week and AAA has some friendly reminders to keep your kids safe from countless accidents.

AAA says that car crashes are the leading safety issue for children.

They recommend having your childā€™s car seat inspected by a certified technician.

This helps to ensure harness straps are fastened and loose car seats are avoided.

AAA also reminds parents to keep using car and booster seats until their child is of size and age.

"We have many resources out here,ā€ said AAA communications specialist April Engram. ā€œ[We have] free resources available to parents and caregivers to make sure their car seats are safe, and secure, and the appropriate size for their child. And then of course, to make sure your child is at the age and weight to upgrade to a seat belt."

AAA also recommends a free online car seat safety course for parents at