A bill legalizing mobile sports betting in New York has stalled, but the measure's sponsors aren't giving up just yet.

As the legislative session draws to a close, lawmakers are considering bills that would expand rent control statewide, legalize marijuana and end the religious exemption for vaccinations. Governor Andrew Cuomo says there's not enough time to also tackle the legalization of mobile sports betting.

“Do I think we will get to sports betting given the period of time and all those things? I don't think it's likely,” said Cuomo.

But Assemblyman Gary Pretlow disagrees.

“There is enough time for us to get this done,” said Pretlow. “We just have to have the will to do it.”

The bill would allow betters to place wagers on sporting events on smartphones or tablets. The Cuomo administration has raised constitutional concerns with the bill, but Senator Joe Addabbo says those issues have been dealt with.

 “We're going to try our best because we've seen in other states that do not have a mobile component; they do not make the revenue that they could,” said Addabbo.

Addabbo says he's confident there is enough support to pass the legislation.

“I think both houses have the votes to pass the bill,” Addabbo said. “I think the governor is going to have to make a decision at some point.”

The bill is being debated as state gaming regulators this week approved sports betting for upstate casinos, betting that can only be done inside the casinos themselves.