Governor Andrew Cuomo's third term will pair him with a Democratic majority in the state Senate — a development he says will help him pass measures that range from strengthening abortion rights to new gun control measures.

“We also won the Senate which is very important and I worked very hard to make that happen and allows me to get all sorts of things done that we haven't before,” said Cuomo.

A day after winning his re-election against Republican Marc Molinaro, Cuomo in a radio interview on Wednesday said the margin of his victory, nearly 60 percent of the vote, gives him political capital heading into the new year.

“The other elected officials know you literally come into government with a stronger hand and having a larger victory helps you governmentally,” said Cuomo.

But first up in the new legislative session could be ethics reforms, such as banning state lawmakers from receiving outcome income and making the Legislature, in effect, a full-time job.

“There have been measures that I could not get done with a Republican Senate. I believe they were short sighted. I believe they act parochially. But they were measures they would just not do,” said Cuomo.

Meanwhile, Cuomo's success is spurring some talk that he would run for president in 2020 — cementing what has already been a war of words with President Donald Trump.

“I think he would be an awesome candidate, but I know he is focused on doing the work of the people of New York state. That's what he has said he wants to continue to do,” said Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Cuomo himself has insisted he is focused on his job as governor of New York.