The new year may have just started, but Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow is already looking ahead to what's to come.

He held his annual State of the City address last night, saying the last few years have been some of the most productive in the city's history and that the city is in a much better place. 

Barlow referenced the near completion of all 12 downtown projects. However, he believes there is still work to do, including major enhancements to Sheldon Beach on Lake Ontario and the marina.

"Getting people on the waterfront is one thing getting people out on the water is another, that's why this summer I'm launching the sunset tiki tours available using tiki boats for rent in July and August where folks can sail around the harbor enjoying some cocktails in a tropical type setting, only you'll be right here in Oswego," said Barlow.

Barlow says a renewed focus on shopping local has been huge as well. Last year, Oswego generated the most sales tax in the history of the city with more than $17 million going into economic expansion.