A gift wrapping campaign will return to Destiny USA this holiday season to help a few local non-profits.

The Wrapsody project will help Hope for Bereaved, Clear Path for Veterans and the National Council for Negro Women with operational costs throughout the year. Starting this Thursday through Sunday, you can find volunteers in three locations in Destiny who will wrap your gifts for a donation between $2 and $10.

In addition to HOPE, both Clear Path for Veterans and the National Council of Negro Women will also benefit from the effort. This year, volunteers will also use a vacant storefront across from Saint Joseph's Hospital on North State Street to wrap gifts.

In HOPE's case, the money raised will help the non-profit provide counseling services and other programming throughout the year. Organizers said the effort helps people learn more about the three non-profit groups. ​

"HOPE is on Onondaga Boulevard and people come in there for services. There's no charge for any counseling services or support groups. And, it's really very helpful to let people know those agencies are there in addition to getting their gifts wrapped," said Wrapsody Volunteer Coordinator Roxanne McMaster.

Last year, volunteers wrapped gifts from the HOPE headquarters here on Onondaga Boulevard and said they didn't quite the reach goals they typically do at Destiny.

McMaster also said they're looking for some more volunteers willing to wrap gifts. If you'd like to help out, you can contact HOPE for Bereaved directly by phone.

Wrapsody will begin this Thursday, December 5 and take place on Thursday's, Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's through December 18. The sites in Destiny will be open the full week of December 19 through Christmas Eve.

The site downtown will open up at 529 North State Street across from the hospital. It will be open everyday through Christmas beginning Sunday, December 5 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information you can visit HopeforBereaved.com.