The morning after almost every single snowfall, Alekzandra Kall has to do what so many of us have to: brush off the car before we can get in and head off to work.

The thing about Kall, though, is that her job is a bit different than the rest of ours. Once she gets to work, her brushing off is only just beginning.

What You Need To Know

  • Last week, many areas of upstate New York got yet another snowfall

  • For many of us, that means the inconvenience of having to maybe brush off the car before taking it out

  • For some, mainly those working on car dealership lots, it means brushing off hundreds of cars

As a finance manager at Davidson Nissan in Watertown, Kall will often join the team in heading out and making sure every single car in the lot is clean. There are easily more than 100, and it can take hours to finish each time.

While it would get old quick for many of us, Kall has somehow found solace in it.

"I'm not going to lie: It is kind of relaxing in a weird way. It gets you outside for a little bit and gets you familiar with the vehicles," she said.

Kall thought her brushing days were done for the season about a month ago. But last week was a reminder that winter in the North Country isn't just one season.

"It's just part of it. It's our everyday job. It doesn't even faze us," she added.

After all the hard work, there's always a nice reward waiting. Yes, there's a hot cup of coffee to warm the soul, but also personally knowing a job well done, no matter how little thought of by most it is, helps the customer will have the best experience possible, which is Kall's main goal each and every day.

"We treat our customers like family, and that's how we want people leaving, so when they come back, they can refer us to their friends and their family, and we can provide them just as great of an experience as well," Kall added.

From looking at forecasts, it appears the snow season may truly be done this time, but let's face it: We've all said that before, and honestly, we haven't been surprised to find out we were wrong.