Jefferson Community College has decided how its fall semester will look, and it will look at lot different.  

The school choosing to go mostly online, with some exceptions, as it focuses on health and safety.

What You Need To Know

  • JCC will go mostly online learning for at least this upcoming fall semester

  • The school will have on-campus classes for hands-on programs such as science labs and nursing

  • The school will not have athletics, but is preparing for a possibility of them resuming in January

"The new normal is out right? This is the new normal with change," Dr. Corey Campbell, JCC's vice president of student affairs said.

Change is the only way JCC could move forward. It's efforts for the greater good, while still educating, that has led the school to a fall semester featuring mostly online classes, some in real-time and others that can be accomplished at convenient times.

"We have aspects of it that we've done before and so we're really going to dive head first into it. We have first class faculty," Dr. Campbell said.

However, it's not all online.

Some classes that require those hands-on lessons such as science labs, nursing, culinary arts, will have on campus classes.

Residence halls will able to host a little less than 50 percent of its capacity, as well. It's a small sense of normalcy.

"Albeit, we'll have our social distancing and our face coverings and things of that sort when we're meeting in person, but at least we'll be able to see someone in person," Dr. Campbell said.

One thing students won't see at all is sports. JCC will have no athletics in the fall, although it is crafting a plan in case they can pick back up in January.

"A lot of these student athletes are playing two or three sports year round, and then they play club in the summer or travel in the summer. They got that ripped out from under them. Hopefully we get them back into their normalcy," Athletic Director Jeff Wiley said.

The school hopes the fall season, will be rescheduled for the spring rather than canceled altogether.

Classes begin August 31.