For most high school seniors, memories supposed to last a lifetime, will never become. There will be no spring break, no senior trip, no prom and likely, no graduation.

However, students of one North Country district will leave high school with their own unique memory of their senior year, the time they were adopted.

"It's just really different because we know that we're missing out on things, unlike seniors of years' past. It's hard sometimes, but we've just got to keep being positive,” Carthage High Class of 2020 President Macee Trudeau said.

Knowing just how hard it would be for her, Jorden Mead, a 2011 graduate of Carthage decided to make sure the class of 2020 had one great memory, one that maybe no other class has ever had before.

She started a Facebook group, allowing Carthage community members to "adopt" a senior and it's taken off like a comet.

"Everyone has been so supportive. it's just amazing to see in your local community and it reminds me why I choose to bring my son up here in this community and have him go through this school district in Carthage,” Jorden Mead, Carthage High Class of 2011 Graduate said.

Through Jorden's program, parents or guardians can put their senior up for "adoption".  Community members can then adopt a student and that means, sending them a letter of support, maybe a care package or some goodie baskets. Something to tell the senior, we're here for you.

"Today, I got home from babysitting and I had a card from my assistant volleyball coach with just a little note in it and it brings a smile right to your face,” Trudeau said.

"I've started to see everyone post things they are getting. It may be small. It may be big.  But the smiles on their faces is really heartwarming,” Mead added.

So far more than 100 class of 2020 students has been adopted and every day that number grows. In the coming weeks, Mead believes every senior who is taking part, will have a new family of support.