Clarence Henry Coach has been a part of the Watertown community for over a decade. But now the company is changing the way customers ride by launching a new taxi service.

“I'd like people to think or to feel that Clarence Henry Cab is in fact a community resource," said Clarence Henry Cab owner Leif Petterson. 

But why start a taxi company now, when ride hailing apps like Uber and Lyft have taken over the transportation industry? 

"You have no idea who you're going to get when you drive Uber and Lyft, because there is no personal contact; there's no screening,” Petterson said. “Our drivers are all screened and qualified like the school bus driving contacts.”

Company owners believe the new cabs will also create more jobs for drivers like Tammy Gerstenschlager, who was recently hired. She's lived in Watertown all her life and is excited to hit the roads.

"It's going to give safe, secure transportation, great prices, and very professional drivers. I think it's going to be a really good asset to the community," Gerstenschlager said.

Gerstenschlager believes offering door-to-door service and helping those in need is what will separate Clarence Henry Cab from its competition. The company also plans to add an app to their service that will allow people to track where the cab is and contact dispatch.