Seth Hill has lived in Watertown for years. He remembers a time when parking on the square wasn't much of an issue.

Now the owner of Tarot Cafe, Hill says new rules have made business tougher. 

"The damage that this one parking guy has done to the square will take months to repair," Hill said. 

Hill says parking officers are scaring away potential customers. This is why he and some other local business owners are protesting the changes.

"Business has decreased ever since he started doing this job and harassing clientele," says Hill.

While Seth and his team protest, other business owners like Avery Carman at Whimsical Pig support the additional officer.

"I'm just trying to understand the rationale behind why people are so upset over someone diligently applying the law as it's written," Carman said.

Most of the parking in the area is for two hours. Supporters believe the new rules will bring more customers to the area.

"This is going to allow more parking directly in front of destinations to be available, so that people who are looking to go can park at that business and not default to the mall," said Carman.

Watertown's city manager will speak to police to further study the issue.