Clary Middle School will be on receivership this year-- meaning the school has the next two and half years to show improvement before facing a potential closing. 

"Identifying a school as underperforming at a period of time is an opportunity to do something," said Syracuse City School District Chief Academic Officer Laura Kelley. 

Monday night a public meeting was held to talk about what it all means for the middle school's future. 

"We're serving all of our kids but we're serving some kids better than others," said Kelley.

The school needs to improve although it's not clear in exactly what areas. The district is still waiting to hear about the problem areas from the state. 

In order to make the improvements, the district superintendent has the power to adjust the budget, curriculum, staff positions, length of school day or year and more. 

"Sometimes community schools mean opening really early and staying open really late for after school programs and family dinners," said Kelley.

The middle school will become a community school in the meantime. Though what that is remains unclear too, the district needs more information from the state. It could include partnering with a community organization. 

Clary students are hopeful that these changes can help their classmates not only improve in school but to get some help with issues outside of the halls. 

"We have to get the kids to learn on grade level. That's the only way to achieve because that's the only way of these cyclical issues that are going to pervade unless we do something different educationally," said Kelley.