Welcome to the West Side. Tonight neighbors are rushing to get out of the cold and the fate of their West Side Academy is out the neighborhood's hands, leaving the community wondering what's next for the children. 

"My name is Robert Jones. I've been here for like 18 years, ever since I've been in Syracuse," said the West Side resident. 

He's been here long enough to know that this community needs its school. 

"Yes, it impacts the neighborhood because it puts more pressure on other schools to fit kids from here if the school was to close down," said Jones. 

The West Side Academy, Danforth Middle School and Dr. King Elementary School are three schools that the state says are struggling. As a result, the district may need to find a private party to manage and operate the schools. The school has 60 days. These schools are the only three of 52 that did not demonstrate improvement. 

"I would like to see the school become a better educational device for kids in the neighborhood because there's not very much to do here," said Jones. 

The district can seek permission to close this school and replace it with a newly registered school. That's what the district did with Fowler, Hughes and Delaware.