There's a new resident at Maplewood, but she's not like the others.

Rebecca Brogan, 24, is a Clarkson University student living inside the nursing home.

"There's just something comforting living with people who could be like my grandparents," Brogan says. 

While Rebecca is studying as an occupational therapist, she lives at Maplewood free of charge in exchange for helping out the senior citizens.

"It's really nice coming back from a really stressful day of school, or when I need a study break, I'll just come out and hang out with them," Brogan says.  

It's all a part of the Maplewood's "Giving, Living & Learning Program," which is dedicated to bridging generational gaps.

"They love to see the young people and know what's going on and the energy and excitement, and Rebecca brings that," said Maplewood Vice President of Operations Kimberly Blair. 

It’s a unique exchange for a college student while still trying to find time to be a typical college student.

"Them just having that little bit of a trust and bond, and I think it has a big impact on their lives," Brogan says. 

"She covers it all very well and always with that cheery smile," said Ruth Smutz, who lives at Maplewood. 

"I'll go to hockey games or like study late at school or go out with friends, but I'll come through a different door," Brogan says.