ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Before heading out to New Era Field, there are a few changes in place for Bills fans this year.

First, tickets are only available on mobile devices.

“It’s gonna be a great process to really help us with identifying who’s coming to the game, who’s forwarding a ticket to their friend and then to someone else,” said Andy Major, vice president of operations for the Bills. “Then we have all that data and, from a security standpoint, it really helps us out.”

Secondly, there will be more entertainment in the tailgating areas, including a new “Billevard” area.

“We want to provide fun things,” Major said. “There’s a lot of different people that come to games: kids, families, visiting team’s fans.”

There will be live music, fan activities and a new giant Bills helmet, great for photos.

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office made it clear that a few of the rowdier activities will be banned.

In a statement Friday, Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard said jumping through tables will result in being ejected from the tailgating area and those who violate this could face criminal charges.

Third, the Bills are trying to accommodate their younger fans on the autism spectrum to ensure they have a great time as well.

“We noticed a lot of children coming to the games that have autism and that needed assistance,” Major said. “We noticed military members that have PTSD, so we did some research in the offseason, talked to some organizations and came up with sensory kits.”

These kits include noise-cancelling headphones, stress balls and weighted blankets to provide comfort to those who need it. To get one, simply stop by guest services and ask for a kit.