The home of April and Tajiri continues to be in the spotlight, but for very different reasons than usual.

Broome County legislators have once again tabled a resolution that would grant the Animal Adventure Park$ 30,000. Lawmakers met Thursday, and decided to table it because it was unclear if the Town of Colesville and the park wanted to go through with it.

Some lawmakers are upset the park is applying for funding. Critics say the Small Communities Fund they are trying to tap into, wasn't designed for this purpose.

"Animal Adventure applied, or had town of Colesville apply on their behalf. It still makes animal adventure the beneficiary of those funds so it's just going around the process. Instead of them being the applicant they're just asking the town of Colesville to do it on their behalf. That's not how we set this up. If we wanted to have it like that we should have had that in the definition that for-profits could apply," said Stephen Flagg, Colesville's District representative.

There is no timetable for lawmakers to continue the discussion.