"Don't have to worry about rushing, and crowds, and dusty parking lots, that kind of thing," said Bob Bradt, a boater.

If you're on a boat, you might have the best parking spot at the Lakeview Ampitheater.

"We love it. We usually do five or six a year. I drove twice. I would never drive again," said Boater Tom Lavalee. 

A season of traffic concerns isn't the reality for these boaters. 

"We actually get to stay until the end of the concert and not worry about how we're going to get home or how long it's going to take us because it'll take us about ten minutes," said Bradt.

Amphitheater staff says there have been about 300 boats docked at the $750,000 docks throughout the summer. 

Each show brings eight to 26 boats-- country shows leading to a sold-out dock. That's a bit of an uptick compared to last year. Staff say some shows had no dock reservations. 

"You walk up the ramp, you're there. No traffic. It's the way to go," said Lavalee.

For some, boating to the show always pays off even if the prices did increase this year. Last year there was a $20 docking fee. 

This year it's now a $1.50 foot-- costing an average boat around $30. 

"Still a worthwhile investment from the alternative," said Bradt. 

For boaters, the docks are a dream come true. 

"It's a great secret. I hope you don't air this so no one else finds out about this," said Lavalee.