Another local school district is speaking out in response to a bill aimed at helping the North Syracuse Central School District out of debt.

Last week, the state senate passed a bill to forgive the $20 million in penalties that North Syracuse faces.

Meantime, the Liverpool Central School District also is staring down a sizeable debt to the state.

In 2012, administrators learned the district owed about $6.5 million for late cost reports.

They've been paying down that penalty over the last three years, with two years remaining. Each year, the district loses $1.3 million in state aid and will continue to do so until the debt is paid off in 2020.

After seeing the work in Albany done to help North Syracuse, Liverpool Superintendent Mark Potter says he just wants to see things done fairly.

"This isn't about trying to plot North Syracuse against Liverpool, or any other school district against a school district. It's really meant to be focused on what's happening in Albany,” Potter said. “If they're truly looking at trying to help a school district, I think they need to be fair for all school districts, especially the ones that have already started paying.”

The assembly is expected to take up the bill this week before the session ends. If approved, it would then go to the governor's desk.