The Syracuse Police Department will soon have dozens of officers equipped with body cameras.

An agreement with Axon was passed by the city Common Council Wednesday. It gives the department the opportunity to test out the technology for a year free of charge. The city can then decide whether or not to continue using them.

If the city chooses to keep them, it would cost $189,000 the first year and then $164,000 each year after that. Sixteen body cameras are currently used by officers.

Councilors say it's no surprise that the city has taken these steps.

"The last year has given the public an idea that this is coming,” said Syracuse Common Councilor Steven Thompson. “They've heard about it. They knew other departments, larger departments were doing it. They saw the police department try and get the grant that it was unsuccessful in. To end up getting these cameras, people have seen them. It's been discussed at public meetings."

City officials hope to have the cameras in use sometime next month.