AUBURN, N.Y. — U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is hoping to help dairy farmers in Upstate New York.

He says a revamped North American Trade Agreement is needed to fix unfair trade policies with Canada.

Schumer spoke to employees at Cayuga Milk Ingredients near Auburn Monday. It's a cooperative of 30 local dairy farmers with more than 70 employees and has lost a significant amount of money because of the policies.

Schumer says Canada maintains high tariffs, keeping U.S. products off Canadian shelves. 

“Canada, when it comes to dairy, acts like China when it comes to trade. They're unfair, they put in barriers, they treat us badly. And, CMI and our dairy farmers have suffered,” Schumer (D) said.

Schumer says predatory pricing policies have created a "Dairy Wall," affecting milk producers around the globe. 

He says those policies have cost Cayuga Milk $30 million in exports.