WATERTOWN, N.Y. -- A long-standing tradition in Watertown celebrated its 100th year this weekend.

The Mount Carmel Feast attracts hundreds of people each year.

Throughout the weekend, people were able to enjoy live music and plenty of food, including the popular fried dough. Over the years, many new things have been added, like rides and games.

However, one thing has stayed the same since the beginning, the religious procession to honor Our Lady of Mount Carmel. While many do come for the fun, organizers want to make sure the event stays true to its origins.

"We're very intent that it be first and foremost a religious feast," said Monsignor Robert Aucoin, the pastor at St. Anthony's Church. "I'd be out of my mind if I thought everyone came because it's a religious event. That's just not true, but the event is primarily a religious event."

In honor of the 100th Mount Carmel Feast, the procession had at least a hundred people wearing a sash with their birth year; one for every year of the past 100.