ALEXANDRIA BAY, N.Y. --  We're past the midway point of December. The wet stuff falling from the sky is supposed to be snow and not rain.

It seems Mother Nature may be just as distracted by Star Wars as everyone else. Because of it, people in the North Country, who'd more likely be stuck at home in a snowstorm watching a movie on TV, will now get to head out to the drive-in and watch 'The Force Awakens' outdoors.

"When you go down to weekends after Labor Day, everyone wants to know how long you're staying open," Bay Drive-in Owner Tom Wade said. "I always say the middle or end of October, always. Then people were asking me, can you be open for 'Star Wars?' and I'd say, 'You never know.' "

But Wade knew. It's December in the North Country. Drive-ins and snow don't necessarily go together like R2-D2 and C-3PO. But somewhere along the way, the unthinkable happened. 'The Force Awakens' came before the snow, and 'you never know' has become reality.

Kicking it off Thursday night, Wade will indeed have 'The Force Awakens' playing not only this weekend, but every weekend through January 10.

"It was a thought in the back of my head, but I didn't really realize how nice the weather was going to be," Wade said. "This is what gave me the opportunity, was Mother Nature."

The Bay Drive-In will play the movie all this weekend. If the demand is there, it'll show during this coming week. Starting next Friday, it'll air every night until January 3, then again the following the weekend.

That's even if it snows. If that happens, the theatre will figure it out. This is a re-opening that would never have happened without the perfect conditions, the weather and this movie.

"I mean, I might start a trend and be open for two weeks during Christmas, but this might be the thing that started the trend," Wade said.

The theatre will show the latest Star Wars movie on its two screens. The big one, Theatre One, is the biggest in Northern New York and holds 320 cars. A slightly smaller screen out back holds 180.

Wade's team has de-winterized everything inside and out and is ready to go. Nothing will stop it now, not even snow -- which isn't necessarily a certainty.

"It's just an unbelievable opportunity for me to do this," Wade said.

To summarize, you can watch 'The Force Awakens' outside in Northern New York in late December. The Force must be strong with Mother Nature.