ITHACA-, N.Y. -- Some state lawmakers want state funding pulled from Cornell University, though others are defending the school.

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb and Assemblyman Christopher Friend, both Republicans, are leading the charge after a video surfaced last week.

The video appears to show Assistant Dean of Students Jospeh Scaffido saying he would welcome a group like ISIS onto Cornell's campus.

It was shot by the group "Project Veritas," by a man posing as a Moroccan student. Cornell's President released a statement calling the video dishonest, meant to smear the university.

He said any group that promotes violence would never be allowed on campus. Other Assembly members are  also speaking out against the efforts of their colleagues.

"It's ridiculous. It's outrageous that anyone would say the state of New York should stop funding. They don't know how state money comes in to Cornell," said Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, D- Ithaca.

Cornell University receives more than $150 million in state funding.