One choice can change your life – a statement that Tony Hoffman has learned to live by. 

"[I'm] trying to illustrate to these kids that this is where this will lead you,” Hoffman said. “This is where this can take you. You decide whether or not the consequence of where this can take you is something you want to deal with."

Hitting rock bottom while battling drug addiction, Hoffman lost his home, went to prison and nearly lost his career. 

“There’s so many questions going through my mind, like how did he recover from being homeless? And hearing that that's what it did ... that big of an impact, it really scared me,” said Tuscany Maner.

Back and better, the former BMX athlete wants others to learn from his mistakes and be inspired by his story.

"I was a well-known athlete on the cover of a magazine, and I lost that as a result of drugs. For them to still feel like my story was an inspiration it's kind of cool. It just reminds me that I have a knack and a gift for connecting with youth," said Hoffman. 

Hoffman is using current issues like e-cigarettes and opioids as a gateway to connect with the younger generation.

"They even had to put vape detectors in the bathrooms because people were going to the bathrooms vaping. I just want to say thank you to Tony Hoffman, because he really made me realize a lot more than I did," Maner said.