Born and raised in Rochester, Brooke Zegarelli is proud of her growing city. She joined the Spectrum News team in 2007 as the weekend meteorologist. Though Brooke has had her fair share of moving, she has lived most of her life in Henrietta.

In all her years of reporting, Brooke's most meaningful stories involve a variety of severe weather events and the major impacts on the lives of viewers. She wants to help you plan your day and keep you safe when necessary. Overall, Brooke finds her inspiration each day through the diverse communities across Rochester and the opportunity to connect with each one.

Brooke's favorite thing to do in Rochester is to enjoy nature and kayak on the beautiful Finger Lakes. When Brooke isn't on air, you can find her spending time with her wonderful family which usually involves a lacrosse, volleyball or hockey practice. She enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking and camping with her husband Angelo, girls Ava and Alessia, and pup Rhino. Their kitties, Bubbles and Pajamas, aren't really fond of the outdoors.

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