PITTSFORD N.Y. — A horse farm in Pittsford is not only closing its doors, but is forcing an outreach program that benefits thousands of kids to lose its home.

High View Farms is up for sale for close to $998,500.00.

The 58.74-acre expanse was purchased in 1958 by owner Jack Frohm.

At this time, he and his wife along with their son are prepared for retirement.

A Horse’s Friend was brought to the farm in 2005 by Matt Doward, who says he wants to continue the effort of connecting urban youth to the cultivation of care and horseback riding.

“Right now we are just trying to bring a larger awareness to the fact that we would like to stay here and if there is a possibility that maybe our program could purchase the High View Farms than we would like to actually figure out how to make that happen and stay right here,” said Doward.

“I’d like to see it continue so this program here could keep going,” added Frohm.

The Urban Youth program has helped over 2,500 kids, and through a GoFundMe page, Doward is hoping to raise enough money to purchase the farm.