WEBSTER, N.Y. -- First responders gathered in West Webster on Saturday, vowing to always remember two of their own. Their lives were unexpectedly taken from them 5 years ago, while responding to a house fire. In attendance was Rochester police officer Justin Collins, President of the Badge of Honor Association.

The Badge of Honor Association is a non-profit dedicated to honoring law enforcement members killed in the line of duty.

On Saturday, the organization honored West Webster Police Lt. Mike Chiapperini, and well as firefighter Tomasz Kaczowka.

The two were killed while responding to a house fire on Lake Road. The man who started the blaze shot them as they arrived on scene on Christmas Eve, 2012. On Saturday, the law enforcement community came together to honor their sacrifice by laying a wreath by the roadside.

"We're all a family, that's all there is to it. Even though I didn't know them, or any other firefighter or first responder if I was in trouble, I'd want them to have my back and that’s what you have to know, if you're out here risking your life,” said Justin Collins, of the Badge of Honor Association.

“You want people to have your back in difficult situations, so whether anyone from our organizations knew them personally, it's something that we do for each other."