As gyms wait for the green light to reopen, more people are taking their workouts outside.

Spartan Fitness is currently conducting free CrossFit-style outdoor workouts around Rochester.

"Sometimes we are crawling up hills carrying heavy things, but I try to structure the workouts so there are multiple options for every skill level," said Thomas Faben of Spartan Fitness.

Faben invites anyone to come workout for free. Spartan Fitness met at Ellison Park in Penfield this weekend for a run or walk, with or without sandbags and water buckets. They even crossed Irondequoit Creek. Faben changes the workout and location every week.

"You can have someone who is just starting out for the first time just walking up and down the hill and resting whenever they need all the way up to a seasoned triathlete who will be carrying 100 pounds and sprinting up the hill, but we are all working out together and encouraging each other," Faben said.

"The first time we just walked and then the second time I carried the 35 pound sandbag and then I jogged the rest of the way after the hill. [Reporter: how are you feeling?] "Out of breath, but not bad," said Bethany Faben.

It is quite a workout and a great way to make some new friends and of course get and stay in shape.

Checkout Spartan Fitness on Facebook and at The group has a ton of free activities in and around the Greater Rochester area.