Going in to the final week of the regular season, Hilton sits at 5-1 with their only loss coming in their opener against Fairport.

"I think it was kind of some first-game jitters for most guys in their first year playing varsity where they just weren't prepared for the speed of the game," said Hilton senior Nick Romano.

Romano knows what that's like. He got his first varsity opportunity last year when starter Max Chamberlain went down.

"Not the biggest guy, but he is pretty strong and he finishes things off which is what we want," said Hilton head coach Rich Lipani.

The Cadets also have a new weapon in Tahjae Hill. The basketball star is one of the top in the state, but made the time to balance all that with a varsity football schedule.

"We haven't ever had anybody like him, he's got some tremendous football skill and he's made great plays both offensively and defensively,” Lipani said. “He's helped us spread things out and opened things up a little bit for us.”

"I take advantage, I try to never take anything for granted because I know we have some other guys that can actually play my position," Hill said. "I just try to stand out more by working hard in practice and doing my job and what I'm asked to do."