ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The eviction deadline has come and gone for the Rochester Rhinos, and the team's owners say they were unable to reach a settlement with the city.

David and Wendy Dworkin said they were willing to continue negotiations but the city refused to extend the agreed-upon deadline.

The team is not playing this year because of financial difficulties.

The city sent the team an eviction notice in January to leave Capelli Sports Stadium, saying the Rhinos violated the terms of their lease by not fielding a team. The city already extended that eviction deadline once before.

The Dworkins plan to take legal action against the city, saying they were not planning to leave the stadium. They say other USL teams are scheduled to play a few games there and they have other non-sporting events planned for the stadium.

The city also said it will take legal action in order to protect taxpayers $600,000 per year investment in the publicly-owned facility.

In a statement, the city communications director said:

"While the stadium operator felt it was okay to cease their soccer operations in order to save dollars, they are now seeking a court order to deny city taxpayers a similar opportunity, which seems patently unfair. No one is entitled to a taxpayer-supported subsidy and the City will not allow the hardworking residents of our community to be taken advantage of."