ROCHESTER, N.Y. — With a March 1 deadline looming for a lease deal to be reached between the Rochester Red Wings and Monroe County, some Democratic members of the Monroe County Legislature are speaking out.

On Thursday, details of a letter from the International League league president Randy Mobley were released. He laid out three requirements he says must be met by the end of the month. Those requirements are: A proposed and agreed upon lease for this season and beyond, documentation signed by both the county and team agreeing to the lease.

The league will also need a signed document by the county stating Frontier Field will be available to the Wings in an uninterrupted manner. If those terms are not reached, Red Wing home games would be played elsewhere.

County legislator Joe Morelle Jr. held a news conference to submit a package of legislation regarding the future of Frontier Field on Friday.

He presented three proposals. They include: Directing the county executive to sign a lease now, issue a report about the status of state funding for repairs at Frontier field and to come up with a contingency plan to make sure the county doesn't lose the Red wings. 

"From an economic standpoint, I think it's worth noting that when the Rochester Red wings play, bars, restaurants, hotels, get filled," Morrelle said. "That is a lot of economic develpment and a lot of tax revenue that comes in. So, it's important and losing them would substantially hurt us."

County spokesperson Jesse Sleezer responded with a statement: 

“Like father, like son. While Monroe County has been working diligently with the team to reach a common sense resolution, Joe Morelle Sr. and Joe Morelle Jr. have been distracting from the process by playing political games. If the Silver family name is synonymous with saving baseball in Rochester, the Morelle name will go down in history for embracing partisan politics with the hopes of local taxpayers and baseball fans alike on the line.”

Opening day is set for April 6th.