Governor Andrew Cuomo was asked Wednesday about the ongoing investigation into the limousine crash that killed 20 in Schoharie in October.

Critics have said that state agencies like the DMV and DOT could have done more to keep that limousine off the road. The governor says right now, they legally do not have that ability. 

"They don't have the capacity to pull a license without a hearing process, an administrative process, etc. So we need legal changes," Cuomo said. "I respect the rights of the vehicle owner and people operating a business. I get that. But the safety of the passengers, to me, comes first." 

Cuomo says he will advocate for those legal changes.

Currently, limo operator Nauman Hussein is facing criminal negligent homicide charges in connection to the crash. Prosecutors allege he knew the limo had serious mechanical problems, but still put it out on the road.

The parents of crash victim Amanda Rivenburg are planning to sue the state, citing a variety of problems on route 30A that they believe led to the crash.