1.) Money Talks: Eichel is at the beginning of his 8-year, $80 million deal. Being the highest paid player carries weight regardless if the "C" is on your sweater or not.

2) Production: In 209 career games the center has given the Sabres 177 points (73+104) which is good enough for .85 points per game. He has been far and away your best player since drafting him in 2015.

3.) You Tanked for him: Speaking of the 2015 draft, you were awful and played one of the worst rosters ever in 2014 to guarantee you'd get either Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel.

4.) The Players Listen: When were at practice, whether on the bench or in the crowd, it is clear that the other members of the Sabres listen to Eichel. So, C or not, he has the team's attention.

5.) He's already a vet to Buffalo: You usually don't associate "veteran" with a 21-year-old, but Eichel has already played in 209 games in the blue and gold which is more than all but 5 members of the Sabres.

6.) 4 Alternate captains was silly: If you have 2 quarterbacks you have none, so if you have 4 "captains" what does that say?