Natasha Acrie is a Pittsburgh native who has lived in various states across the country while following her reporting dreams. Natasha spent two years in Rapid City, South Dakota as a morning show reporter gaining her newsroom chops. From there, Natasha moved west to Los Angeles to work on set for show “The Voice”. Today, Natasha proudly reports for the Spectrum News team in Rochester, which she describes as an area full of resilient communities, rich history, and people who truly care about taking action to effectively improve their community.  

A passionate journalist, Natasha is inspired by telling stories that inform and create inspiration within her community.  An example of this is Natasha's recent interview and coverage of a pastor of Geneva and his experience when someone vandalized his church by spray painting swastikas on it. During a one-on-one interview, the pastor talked about the reality of racism and hate in our world today and how he chooses love over hate even in the darkest hour. His message that love trumps hate and ignorance every time, is something that Natasha will always keep with her.

When Natasha isn’t in the newsroom, you can find her going for a run on one of the various beautiful trails across Rochester. Natasha is a self-proclaimed foodie and wanderluster. So it’s a safe bet that when Natasha’s not working out, she’s either planning her next trip across the world or learning how to cook up new recipes.