ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Former Rochester Police Chief La'Ron Singletary will give testimony as part of a public deposition regarding the death of Daniel Prude last March while in police custody. 

This all stems from City Council's continued independent investigation into the Rochester Police Department's handling of Prude's death, and whether information was covered up. 

Previously, the city said Singletary had not responded to deposition requests.

Court papers filed Tuesday show Singletary will accept a new subpoena issued by Rochester City Council. 

Spectrum News is told the date is not yet set, but it will be sometime before February 15. 

Meanwhile, Singletary and Mayor Lovely Warren have been locked in a he-said, she-said, as Mayor Warren has blamed Singletary for not being forth-coming about Prude's death. 

Singletary has since filed a claim against the city, saying Mayor Warren asked him to lie about the circumstances surrounding Prude's death.

Spectrum News asked city councilor Malik Evans, who announced Tuesday he is running for mayor, if there will be any conflict of interest, seeing as he will be in a position to directly ask about those claims against Mayor Warren during the deposition. 

He said he does not comment on investigations.