A Gates-Chili High School junior faces several felony hacking charges, and he was the topic of discussion at a school board meeting Tuesday night.

While the arrest was not on the official agenda, at least two of Ajay Bhattacharyya's classmates attended the meeting.

"I don't think he meant any harm by it, I don't think he intended to use it against any of us, or try to steal it in any way, but it was very concerning, knowing that he was able to gain so much information from this," said Gates-Chili High School student Connor Weihonig.

Bhattacharyya is charged with two counts of identity theft, two counts of computer trespass, and four counts of falsifying business records.

Police said he reactivated the former superintendent's account on the district's management program in February, and was able to gain access to personal identifying information for his classmates.

Gates police said several other students were involved in the hacking, but are being disciplined through the school system.