John McCausland says he was awakened early Friday morning by someone banging on the door of his house on Marion Street, which cuts through Rochester's North Winton Village.

McCausland says he feared for his life and yelled at the man to leave. When he didn’t go, McCausland says he grabbed his gun and fired two shots.

“I heard a ruckus on the front porch, it was just pounding, pounding, pounding, pounding," McCausland said. "I came down to see what was going on, told him to get out of here, I’m calling the cops, it was like he never even knew I was there. He never said a word.

"I tried to call on the cell phone but I was so nervous I couldn’t get that to work right, so I got my gun to protect myself."

In the statement to police, McCausland said, “I grabbed my Winchester .730 rifle, and loaded my rifle.” McCausland said he fired the shots to scare off the suspected intruder.

Police said Andrew Ransbury wasn't hit by bullets, but did get cuts from flying debris. Police found Ransbury, 21, in the driveway outside and he was taken to the hospital for evaluation, where he was checked out, and arrested. Ransbury is charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

McCausland, other than being shaken up, is not hurt and police say no charges are filed against him.