A handful of Monroe County residents have filed a legal complaint against Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and Public Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza.

The complaint also names New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

With guidance from attorney Carl Schwartz, 14 individuals are challenging the legality of the emergency measures put in place by both the state and the county.

The complaint details what it says is each plaintiffs reason for action. It ranges from a gym owner who had to shut down their business for almost half a year, to several parents with school age children who say the lack of in-person classes prevented their child from getting a proper education.

There was also a landlord who claims he could not legally make his tenants pay rent during the pandemic.

When asked about the complaint, Bello said he did not know much about the lawsuit, but discussed the county's actions against COVID-19.

"We lost over 300 people in our community just here in Monroe County alone to COVID-19,” Bello said. “There's people dying across the state, our county and the country today and we have a responsibility to protect our residents and make sure we're following the science and what it tells us."

Plaintiffs are seeking an injunction and declaratory relief that the emergency measures were unconstitutional and exceeded guidelines suggested by the state.